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At Proline Restoration our customers always come first...

" I just wanted to thank Proline for all of your assistance with the different restoration challenges that I have thrown at you.  It is comforting to find a company that puts the client first and obviously makes every effort to deal speedily, and in a friendly, but knowledgeable way to ensure that I get the right approach as I have requested."

" I've used Proline time and time again for my project work over the last 10 years. Sometimes, when I've just run out of time or it’s ended up more difficult than I can handle, they have got the job done. I can't recommend these guys enough."

Steve Warren

"Four different cars, four front wing strip and repaint, one rewire , two doors, three sills, eight window rubbers, one interior, one steering box, two bonnets, six boots. I go to Proline for all my work now, it's just not worth the hassle anywhere else."

Alex Smith

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